Jun 7, 2008

Thank you, Laura V.!

We received our WONDERFUL package from our Secret Pal, and what a package it was!

First, Jade received the most adorable ladybug dress. Ken and I saw one almost exactly like it on a little girl recently and had admired it. Now it was if Laura read our minds, because there was one waiting for Jade in our package! Jade also will be warm and snuggly with the hooded towel and slippers. They are so cozy and cute.

Jade received a giant bank with lots of goodies inside, and speaking of goodies, we received the prettiest candy I have ever seen! It was inside a little purse and each candy was colorful and decorative. The flavors were incredible and unique!

Lastly, Laura did not forget our two doggies, Penny and Bailey, and sent them healthy treats. That was incredibly thoughtful and really touched us. She included a very special (and pretty) note. This followed her many emails (secret, of course!) throughout the month which I really enjoyed as well. She was truly a special secret pal.

Thank you, Laura! We really appreciated your thoughtfulness!

Kerrie and Ken

May 26, 2008

Thank You Amy R!

Thank you Amy R. from Illinois for being a great Secret Pal for May. This month's theme was "April Showers Bring May Flowers" and Amy was very creative with her selections!

  • Sunglasses and matching purse for our diva baby girl

  • Shovel and pitchfork, apron and magnifying glasses for gardening with Daddy

  • Soft balls to play with in the pool or in the yard

  • Pretty pink picnic blanket

  • Chinese print Kleenex

  • Note pad shaped like a STAR, just like our daughter will be

I especially loved the gorgeous and thoughtful cards Amy sent this month. Thanks again Amy for making this exchange a great one!

Dec 6, 2007

Thank You Hoppe Family

Thank you Hayley, Mike, Piper and Paisley for our wonderful cold afternoon treats. We are looking forward to snuggling in (with the dogs of course!) for cocoa, cookies and a movie. You are great! Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Love, Carol and Lance.

Nov 3, 2007

Hoppe secret pal gift

WE got our Secret Pal gift today! Thanks to Michelle Daughs and her family! We love everything...Mike grabbed the cinnamints, and Piper has claimed the little 'China' tin for her treasures! We can''t wait for Mike to get back from his business trip so we can play the ladybug game!

big shout out to the DAUGHS who are IN CHINA picking up their beautiful little girl Lilyann!!!!!!!!!

Sep 9, 2007

Thank you, Ayala Family

Our "dinner time" gift consisted of two very cute lady bug cups, a set of baby spoons and baby bowls, a crumb-catcher bib, and a baby Einstein place mat. All super cute and all super useful.

Thanks so much! ...And the chocolates will help ease the pain of the wait!

-Nina Cesena

Aug 27, 2007

Amy and Troy Rosenfranz, our Secret Pals!

Thank you so much to our secret pals! The whole family enjoyed the thoughtful gifts. I tried to take a picture of my little Duke eating that peanut butter rawhide treat, but he would not hold still long enough. Pretty hilarious! My digital camera is not working, so I used my cell phone, I wish the picture was better quality! Even the tags were cute!

Kristin, Gil, Makana, and Mei mei

Aug 21, 2007

Thanks Hoppes!!!

Thank you Hoppes!!!!! Mike and Hayley (and Piper) spoiled us today. Hayley included a letter about why she sent some of the items and some other good advice. She sent a bottle brush, super cute bibs- one pink and one green (she says these are quick drying!), formula dispenser and snack holder (good for China too), utensils and toothbrush & paste (for the after dinner cleanup). And an adorable froggy, Chris loves frogs! And last and definitely not least, a lovely gift from Piper...Gorgeous Asian kitty cat bowls. Hayley said these are Pipers favorites right now. A BIG Thank You Hoppes for the fabulous gifts!!!!!
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Julie and Chris Turner are Awesome

Thank you Julie and Chris for the wonderful August Pal's surprises. We were spoiled. Lance got his beloved Sour Patch Kids, the Dogs got peanut butter treats and there was a "chocolate" notepad for me! Of course Sara was the one truly spoiled with cups, bowls, plates, snack holders, utensils, and disposable bibs (which are a great gift and ready for the trip to China!). We had lots of fun opening our box and seeing all the surprises. We also found out we have lots in common with the Turners. This is a wonderful activity and certainly helps make the wait a little more pleasant. Thanks again Julie and Chris you are great.
- Love, Carol and Lance

Thanks, Carol and Lance!

We are sending out a BIG thank you to our August Winter Blossom Pals, Carol and Lance! We received such a wonderful package in the mail from them filled with adorable (and delicious) things! Jade received a beautiful outfit, bibs, and bowls and a snack cup. There were also some stickers/goodies for her scrapbook. Also, I received very cute and summery notecards and delicious- smelling Bath & Bodyworks lotion. Last, but not least, delicious Dove chocolate and Almond Joys (candy that both of us love)!

Thanks SO much, Carol and Lance! We appreciate it with all of our hearts!

Love, Kerrie and Ken